Sunday, 1 November 2015

A New Collection of Short Stories: James Webb’s The Listening Book

A friend of mine, James Webb, whom I’ve known for twenty years, has published a volume of short stories entitled The Listening Book: The Soul Painting & Other Stories. Here’s the blurb taken from the accompanying website:

James Webb’s Listening Book is a thought-provoking and beautifully written challenge to the way in which we live our lives in a complex world. Through a set of parable-like short stories, Webb offers us an innovative and creative insight into God’s word and, while being engaging and captivating throughout, the stories never lose their subtlety and charm.

These tales are an exploration of some of the ideas we find in the Bible, with each one carrying the essence of God’s word. Webb uses his background in Bible teaching to combine both scriptural integrity with an enchanting written style to create what is, without doubt, a unique and perceptive book.

In addition to being beautifully written, The Listening Book is stunningly presented, with astounding photographs throughout. A joy to flick through, this book’s easy-to-read style makes it accessible to both young and old alike.

The Listening Book aims to present some of the concepts found in Christianity in a new and intuitive way and, with themes ranging from love to evangelism, it really does have something for everyone.

I’ve not read The Listening Book yet (will I get a review copy from the author, whom I’ve known for twenty years, I wonder?), but I know James is a good writer and is sure to communicate no small amount of insight (check out his latest blog post on cynicism). Put this on your Christmas list (which I’ll have to do if I don’t get a review copy from the author, whom I’ve known for twenty years).


  1. Hi Terry,
    We'd love to provide you with a review copy. Get in touch with your preferred address via
    Elsa (Lioness Writing Ltd: Publisher)

    1. Thanks, Elsa. I have sent an email via the website as suggested.