PDAC Book Reviews

Providence, Divine Action and the Church – my previous blog – ran for almost five years. During that time, I posted a number of book and essay reviews, as well as a guest post series by Margaret Barker on researching as an independent scholar. All of these remain accessible through PDAC, but for your convenience, here are links for some of the more popular items.

four-post series by Margaret Barker, ‘Being an Independent Scholar

multi-part review of Denis Edwards, How God Acts

review of Mark Elliott, The Heart of Biblical Theology
multi-part review of Christopher C. Green, Doxological Theology

review of Lincoln Harvey, A Brief Theology of Sport

review of Stephen R. Holmes, The Holy Trinity

review of Darren M. Kennedy, Providence and Personalism

three-part review of Ian A. McFarland et al., The Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology

review of Benjamin G. McNair Scott, Apostles Today

review of Chris Tilling, Paul’s Divine Christology

multi-part review of Kevin Vanhoozer, Demythologizing Theology

And here’s a link for every post labelled ‘reviews’ on the blog.

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