About Sacred Wrightings

Welcome to Sacred Wrightings, the blog of Terry J. Wright. I’m an Associate Research Fellow at Spurgeon’s College, a tutor for a number of Spurgeon’s Online units, and a freelance proofreader, copy-editor, and indexer (at Wright Editorial). I’ve published widely on the Christian doctrine of providence (my primary research interest), and on themes ranging from virtual reality to collecting 1980s memorabilia. Feel free to contact me for a full list of my publications, or for any other information or requests.

In some respects, Sacred Wrightings is a continuation of my former blog, Providence, Divine Action and the Church. On PDAC, my main objective was to post my thoughts and research on the Christian doctrine of providence, the concept of divine action, and the place of the Church within God’s action. But even though PDAC was my own blog, I was hesitant to comment on anything not related to providence – and now I want to give myself the freedom to write about anything relating to theology, church, and the Christian life. Sacred Wrightings is the realisation of that freedom.

So what can you expect to read on Sacred Wrightings? First of all, you can look forward to more posts on the doctrine of providence and related themes; after all, providence is still my primary research interest. But you can also anticipate more general book and essay reviews; reflections, commentary, and introspection; announcements of new publications and forthcoming conferences; and hopefully a few silly things as well.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated.