Monday, 19 October 2015

Glory 2016: Conference Details and a Call for Papers

Here are some details about a conference due to take place in Durham next summer:

The inaugural Exploring the Glory of God Conference will be held from July 6-9 2016 at Durham University, United Kingdom. The inspiration for this conference is the conviction that God’s self-revelation leads to encounters that manifest in a rich variety of textual, ideological, social, and visual expressions. With a view to initiating academic and ecclesial dialogue on the subject of divine self-revelation, the conference invites a multidisciplinary forum to foster a deeper understanding of how God interacts with humanity.

This conference will provide a rich range of resources that will encourage academic research, and empower ordained and lay ministry. Papers will explore biblical, theological and aesthetic perspectives of divine glory. The conference is based on the conviction that God’s self-revelation leads to encounters which issue in a rich variety of textual, ideological and visual expressions.

With a view to facilitating a deepened understanding of the glory of God, this conference seeks papers that probe multifaceted dimensions of divine self-revelation. We specially seek constructive papers that engage with biblical and theological traditions of glory. Papers that explore the practical outworking of divine self-revelation in and through communities of faith are also welcome.

We welcome proposals for short papers (20 minute presentations followed by 10 minutes discussion) for the areas listed below:

  • Old Testament: Glory of God in the Temple/Tabernacle, Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel or Psalms
  • New Testament: Synoptic Gospels, John, Paul, or Revelation

  • Theologians/Theologies of Glory: Anglican (Ramsey), Catholic (Balthasar), Evangelical (Jonathan Edwards), Lutheran (Luther), Jewish, Eastern Orthodox
  • Systematic Theology: Glory in Covenant, Soteriology, or Eschatology
  • Historical Theology: Glory in 18th Century Evangelical Preaching, 19th Century Holiness Movement, or 20th Century Pentecostal/Charismatic Revival
  • Practical Theology: Theology of Glory for Christian Discipleship or Church Growth

  • Worship, Liturgy, Hymnody, or Sacred Music
  • Cosmology and Science
  • Literary Works or Writers
  • Art and Aesthetics

Complete and submit application form in the link below, including abstract of no more than 250 words and with subject line: Call For Papers, send by email attachment  to Dr Akala by Friday 18 December 2015 at the following address:

Speakers include James Dunn, David Ford, and Paula Gooder.

This looks like a promising conference. I might try to go to it, if money permits. But note that no conference fee has been announced – unless I just can’t find it on the website.

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