Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Seven-Year-Old’s Further Reflections on the Doctrine of the Trinity

Today is Trinity Sunday, so Isaac, my seven-year-old son, decided to begin writing another tome on the doctrine of the Trinity. Here it is, complete with an illustration.

Chapter one
Introduction: What is the trinity?

What is the trinity?
Who is the trinity?
The thing with the trinity is that some things Aren’t related to things, like God is not the son, & so on.
Chapter one
“Prayer times”

Almighty God,
We want to thank you for this world.
Thank you for ourselves. Father; Thank you for everthing.

Gracious God,
You are unlike all us human’s, being alive.
You created – me.
You created my friends. You created strangers. You created my ancestors, my relatives, & my parents.

O’ lord Jeses,
You are the lord. You are the son. Your’e very thoughtful, dieing for us. You should be on the throne in space because your father created the universe.

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed by your name,
you kingdom come,
your will be done on Earth as in heaven
give us are daily bread, as we forgive those with sins.
Amen. (Alternate version)

Dear God,
Your holy, & mercy,
stay like that. Amen.

Chapter two
Why think worthy?
About God?

And that’s as much as Isaac wrote.

It never ceases to amaze me that children are more theologically literate than we often give them credit for. The line ‘You are unlike all us human’s, being alive’ is straight out of Aquinas, surely! And the prayer for God to stay ‘holy, & mercy’ is recognition of God’s constancy, no?


  1. Bless him! I think that's lovely. I wish theological works could be as concise. My girls were working on a rap of John 1:1-4 this morning :-)

    1. Dare to share? Or is it not in written form?

  2. I think Isaac understands the Trinity better than I do.

    BTW I hope he's given permission for publication? ;)

    I only wish my kids were half as interested in theology - as I say, all my son's writings are gory horror stories.

    1. Well, Isaac writes other stuff, too. He's recently finished what can only be described as his magnum opus so far: a story about Paraguay beating Ecuador in the World Cup Final.

      And Isaac did give permission for publication . . . but only after he'd seen it on my blog, anyway.