Monday, 8 April 2019

Impactful CCM Albums: Massivivid, BrightBlur (1998)

Despite grunting appearances to the contrary, I don’t dislike contemporary worship music as such but certain manifestations of it—mostly the sort that tries to be U2 or Coldplay while promoting Jesus-therapy and self-improvement. Back in the day, I used to fantasise (too strong a word, I know) about playing bass in a worship-oriented band that took reality into account. When Massivivid popped onto the scene in 1998 with BrightBlur, I knew I didn’t need to fantasise any more—at least not about the ‘worship-oriented band that took reality into account’, anyway.

Standout track: ‘Drop’


  1. Not familiar at all with Massivivid, and they're not on Spotify, so I'll have to look elsewhere.