Monday, 4 February 2019

Impactful CCM Albums: The Prayer Chain, Mercury (1995)

The Prayer Chain is, for me, the band of CCM—although remember how I’m using the term ‘CCM’! Every album represented a significant departure from the previous one—the angsty Shawl (1993) upended the indie-poppish Whirlpool (1992); Mercury changed direction from Shawl; and Antarctica, a collection of songs that didn’t make the cut for Mercury and some live material, was sufficiently different to make the CD stand out.

Mercury, only the group’s second full-length album, is a wonderful blend of effects-laden guitars and crisp basslines. True to form, some of the lyrical imagery is a little . . . obscure—but it works. It all works, just as much now as it did in 1995. And although ‘Sky High’ is my standout track, I want to draw attention to ‘Humb’ and ‘Shiver’ as well.

Standout track: ‘Sky High’


  1. I never got into 'Mercury'. Perhaps I should give it another go.