Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Christmas Inspiration from Colin Gunton

Because God surprises earth with heaven by sending his only Son as light shining in the darkness; because in Christ the holy city comes into our midst; because the Jewish child in the manger is the impinging of eternity upon time and thus the movement of the eternal to be with us; because he is that light by which the nations may walk and by whose grace and power they are healed – because of all that, your words and your acts, your decisions between greed and grace, between lies and truth, can in their turn become the impinging of heaven upon the hell that we make of our world.

Colin E. Gunton, Theology Through Preaching: Sermons for Brentwood (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2001), p. 77


  1. Amen. Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.
    I write while watching Rogue One, so of course I am thoroughly enjoying my Christmas ;-)

    1. May the Force be ... Happy Christmas, Sandy. 😊