Thursday, 7 July 2016

One Bad Pig’s New Album: Love You to Death

In the very early 1990s, One Bad Pig was my favourite band. And their 1990 album, Swine Flew, remains a classic CCM recording (at a time when not all CCM was σκύβαλον) that still holds up fairly well today. A short while ago, I was pleased to hear that the Pig were recording some new songs, and these are now available on and iTunes as Love You to Death.

As a teenager, I would have gone out and bought Love You to Death without a second thought. These days, I rarely buy or download full-length albums without first listening to the samples on either Amazon or iTunes. And I have to say, nostalgia isn’t enough to make me download the whole of Love You to Death. What continues to appeal about much of the Pig’s early material is the sheer sense of fun and anarchy (see the YouTube video below) that comes through the music. But on hearing the samples, Love You to Death seems desperately trying to recapture a formula that no longer works almost thirty years on. That said, one track did stand out: Sunday Skool Rawk, a pleasingly raucous medley of old-time Sunday school tracks that descends into the aural silliness of old.

I will listen to the iTunes previews a few more times to see if any of the other tracks eventually grab my attention; but Sunday Skool Rawk will do for now.

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