Sunday, 3 January 2016

A New Song for (and about) Church Services: ‘I am a grumpy old man’

Here’s a cynical little ditty I’ve penned. It took about five minutes to write (so don’t take it too seriously; it’s not exactly a masterly critique of modern worship patterns) and is to be sung to the tune of Dave Bilbrough’s 1983 classic, ‘I am a new creation’.

I am a grumpy old man,
I moan far more than you can
about church services and more.
My heart is overflowing
with the despair of knowing
there’s little lasting at their core.

Yet I will praise you, Lord,
yes, I will praise you, Lord,
and I will stay despite all that is done.
My Lord, may I inherit
a true thirst for your Spirit
to show what’s lasting at my core?

Can I get an amen?


  1. Yo, you got my amen, Steve! And an equally cynical ditty:

    Of the need for sedation
    for the endless duration
    of groovy worship songs and bands,
    Wight writes as one well-knowing
    the empty-headed glowing,
    of just-wanna-worship and, and …
    And I’m depressed and bored,
    yes, I’m depressed and bored,
    and I’m so tempted to reach for a gun,
    yes, to put an end to it
    before I lose all my wits –
    that, or move to Samarkand.

    1. Mea culpa, Terry. I blame that blasted new(ish)Wright over at F&T for getting me all confused! ;)