Sunday, 3 January 2016

A New Song for (and about) Church Services: ‘I am a grumpy old man’

Here’s a cynical little ditty I’ve penned. It took about five minutes to write (so don’t take it too seriously; it’s not exactly a masterly critique of modern worship patterns) and is to be sung to the tune of Dave Bilbrough’s 1983 classic, ‘I am a new creation’.

I am a grumpy old man,
I moan far more than you can
about church services and more.
My heart is overflowing
with the despair of knowing
there’s little lasting at their core.

Yet I will praise you, Lord,
yes, I will praise you, Lord,
and I will stay despite all that is done.
My Lord, may I inherit
a true thirst for your Spirit
to show what’s lasting at my core?

Can I get an amen?


  1. Yo, you got my amen, Steve! And an equally cynical ditty:

    Of the need for sedation
    for the endless duration
    of groovy worship songs and bands,
    Wight writes as one well-knowing
    the empty-headed glowing,
    of just-wanna-worship and, and …
    And I’m depressed and bored,
    yes, I’m depressed and bored,
    and I’m so tempted to reach for a gun,
    yes, to put an end to it
    before I lose all my wits –
    that, or move to Samarkand.

    1. Mea culpa, Terry. I blame that blasted new(ish)Wright over at F&T for getting me all confused! ;)

  2. Love the sentiment however the tune you have chosen upsets me as it's my baptism song and I happen to like it's 80's use of biblical content compared to the "woah yeahs" of the songs that are currently being sung (once a month only, lest new comers actually learn all the songs and can worship with their eyes closed thus turning their attention to God and not the "worship" band) in pentecostal churches. Our Anglican church classes any song from the 80's onwards as "New" and still like shine jesus shine (cringe) that's like people still liking angels by Robbie Williams.

  3. Replies
    1. Not sure why I chose the Bilbrough song, but it certainly wouldn't have been to criticise it. Maybe it's just the tune that came into my head as I was constructing this work of art. A lot of those 80s choruses - much like 80s music in general - were better constructed as songs than today's efforts, in my view.