Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Purposes of God: Another New Book on Providence

The latest Wipf and Stock marketing email contains details about another new book on providence:

G. Michael Zbaraschuk, The Purposes of God: Providence as Process-Historical Liberation (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2015)

The doctrine of providence is one that has fallen into theological oblivion in recent years. How can the words God and history still be said in the same sentence? This book surveys important contemporary attempts to talk about God and history, examines why they haven’t been successful, and offers a contemporary doctrine of providence that is historically realistic, adequate to religious experience, and grounded in the Christian tradition. The author draws on the philosophical orientation of Alfred North Whitehead and brings it into conversation with liberation and ecological theologies.

It’s true that providence isn’t as trendy a doctrine as, say, Christology or the Trinity, but to say it’s fallen into theological oblivion is a bit strong!

On a different note, but one ringing from my own research preferences, there’s a new addition to the priestly literature (so to speak):

Nicholas Haydock, The Theology of the Levitical Priesthood: Assisting God’s People in their Mission to the Nations (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2015)

In this book, Nicholas Haydock explores the biblical presentation of the Levitical priesthood, drawing out themes that run throughout Scripture and reveal God’s intention for the priesthood. It is successfully argued that this intention cannot be divorced from God’s desire to reveal himself to the nations. This hypothesis is shown to be true in examining the various functions and metaphors ascribed to the Levites.

Whereas in much of Old Testament criticism, the Levitical priesthood has been painted in a light contrary to the biblical depiction, The Theology of the Levitical Priesthood takes the canonical presentation of the Levites at face value. It is the author’s conviction that in attending to the biblical presentation of the Levites, the Church will be aided and better equipped to apply herself to Scripture and to participate within God’s mission, in the present day.

Neither book seems to appear on the Wipf and Stock website at present , so I can’t include snapshots of the covers. To make up for this, here’s a picture of a baby hippo.

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