Thursday, 26 March 2015

Zombies at SST 2015?

I’ve just accessed the timetable for this year’s meeting of the Society for the Study of Theology. The titles of these short papers and seminars caught my eye:

Short Papers

David Walker, ‘Who Goes to Church in their Twenties? Occasional and Frequent Young Adult Anglican Churchgoers in South London’

Don Saines, ‘The Church as a Learning Community: Thoughts About Deep Learning for the Thinking Church’

Julia Capps, ‘Christian Wife-beaters: Are Churches Too Inclusive?’

Benjamin Paulus, ‘Thinking the Church Today: Docetism or Sacramental Reality?’

Jane Barter Moulaison, ‘The Church’s “Currency of the Last Day”: Toward a Profane Ecclesiology’

Alexander Jensen, ‘What Kind of Presence? Christ’s Presence in the Church in the Light of Patristic and Modern Understandings of Presence’

Jo Pestell, ‘Is the Use of Power in or by the Church an Activity of God?’

Matthias Grebe, ‘The Church and Pathodicy: The Healing Power of Lament’

Victoria Lebzyak, ‘Thinking the World Liturgically: Alexander Schmemann on the Relationship Between Church and World’

Sarah Lane, ‘Philosophical Zombies: Fact or Fiction? (and Why This is a Question Worth Asking)’

Unfortunately, so many of these seem to be running concurrently, so I’m really going to have to make my mind up soon! And I do hope that the Alexander Jensen mentioned is the Alexander Jensen, whose Divine Providence and Human Agency I’ve reviewed recently. It will be good to hear and possibly even meet him (if I can pluck up the courage actually to talk to someone at a conference).

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