Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Call for Papers: Thinking the Church Today (Society for the Study of Theology, 2015)

I’ve received an email giving some details of next year’s annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Theology, which is due to be held at the University of Nottingham from 13–15 April 2015:

This year’s theme is Thinking the Church Today and the questions we shall be addressing will include: How should the excluded church be conceived relative to centres of institutional power? What is the meaning of the priesthood of all believers? How is the church incarnated culturally and socially? How are the visible and invisible churches mingled? What are the implications of the Second Vatican Council fifty years on? What place does ecumenism have in post-Christendom Europe?

We invite proposals for SHORT PAPERS on the conference theme to be delivered in a maximum of 20 minutes. To submit a proposal, visit www.theologysociety.org.uk/short.asp

We also invite proposals for SEMINAR PAPERS on a range of ongoing topics also to be delivered in a maximum of 20 minutes. Seminars include: Christology and Trinity; Philosophy and Theology; Sacramentality, Liturgy and Theology; Theological Anthropology; Theological Ethics; Theology and Science; Theology and the Arts. To submit a proposal, visit www.theologysociety.org.uk/seminar.asp

For the first time we invite proposals for POSTERS relating to the conference topic or other research. To submit a proposal, visit www.theologysociety.org.uk/poster.asp

The Society is committed to increasing its own inclusivity and diversity and that of the theological academy. We welcome paper submissions which bring the conference theme into conversation with issues such as gender, sexuality, ability and disability, ethnicity and race. We also welcome submissions from postgraduate students, early career researchers, independent scholars, and those working outside the academy. For details of our new mentoring scheme, visit www.theologysociety.org.uk/mentor.asp

The deadline for receipt of all paper proposals and bursary applications is 27th January.

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