Friday 14 November 2014

David Fergusson’s New Book on Creation

I didn’t realise it until today, but David Fergusson’s book on creation – entitled Creation – is now available (and has been for a couple of months in the United States). Here’s the blurb from

This book explores anew the theme of creation in Scripture, tradition, and contemporary theology. David Fergusson defends the classical account of creation out of nothing but pays more sustained attention than the Christian tradition typically has given to the holistic significance of the created world. Offering both doctrinal exposition and apologetic argument, Fergusson discusses creation in relation to the problem of evil and the fall, divine providence, deism, Darwinian evolution, environmental ethics, animal rights, and more. Unusually, the book also touches on the topic of extraterrestrial intelligence. Concise and accessible, Fergusson’s Creation will be particularly useful to students and others seeking a well-informed overview of this important subject.

Over the last few years, Fergusson has written a few pieces on the doctrine of providence, so I’ll be interested to know if he says anything new here about the subject. Otherwise, judging by this page, it looks like his monograph on providence is still in the works.

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  1. But what is the nature of the world in Truth & Reality?
    Is it a seemingly objective "thing" a part and separate from the Living Divine Reality and human beings too?
    Or is it an indefinable realm as this essay points out:
    Plus two references on how what we call "objective" reality is always constructed by our presumed to be separate "point of view". Or is a "creation" (of) and a projection of our brain and nervous system in conjunction with the mechanics of the eyeball.

    Plus Adam & Eve in the Garden of Indestructible Light: